Interactive pathway and dreamlike leeway

Project recap

What is Noctambule ?

During the month of June 2021 at the Centre de la nature of Laval, the graduates of the bachelor’s degree in Communication (interactive media creation) of UQAM invite you to Noctambule, an interactive ambulatory pathway pushing the boundaries between dream and reality.

The present global pandemic has exposed the fragility of our daily life. Overnight, our life was transformed just as a collective dream with a dystopian note. Noctambule offers in a way an escape of this reality hardly tamed, imbued with the desire to discover the public space under a new light. Inviting you to an ambitious sensorial journey, this pathway is marked by three digital and interactive installations magnifying the nature surrounding it.


Sheltered from the storm


Dancing like there is no tomorrow


The mirage’s pursuit

Our mission

Noctambule wants to offer a digital and interactive art activity, safe and accessible at a time when the cultural offer is reduced more than ever. Democratic and even family-oriented, Noctambule is the perfect opportunity for Laval residents and for curious people from the regions nearby to discover digital art and interactive media that stand out for their versatility and ability to adapt in these uncertain times. The students have risen to the challenge of the pandemic and are implementing collaborative efforts to conceive an event where physical distancing is not only possible but becomes central to experiential conception.

After three years of this bachelor’s degree, Noctambule constitutes the summit of the university education for students of interactive media: the learning acquired through this experience will serve as a lever for their artistic and professional progression. Recipient of the “Projet”, formation” and “espace” grants from the first edition of the Pôle lavallois d’enseignement supérieur en arts numériques et économie créative, Noctambule will promote the creativity and the ingenuity of the next generation in UQAM’S interactive media creators.


June 18-19-20-25-26-27 

July 1-2-3

9 p.m. to 11 p.m.


Warning for people with epilepsy: this pathway features rapid light shows that can reach 15-20 flashes per second.

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Covid-19 measures

The pathway will be able to receive a maximum of 150 persons per night spread over different time slot. Book your place !

Wash your hands

Keep your distance

Cover your face

Do not touch the equipment

Partners and Sponsors

Thank you to our partners and sponsors who made Noctambule possible.